Welcome to the practice of Dr. S. J. Weinberger

We extend a warm welcome to our Pediatric and Orthodontic Practice.  We are the only office in South Western Ontario that can offer your children both specialties by one Doctor.

Dr. Weinberger has 4 years more dental education than a general dentist.

Our areas of specialization are all about growth and development - not only the growth and development of the teeth, but the growth and development of the entire child.  We know that each child grows in their own way – dentally and emotionally.  We are able to provide excellent care for your child no matter their unique needs, beginning from teething thru to the beautiful completion of braces of the teenager.  We encourage children to take pride in their healthy smiles!

Our treatments are modified and adapted to the special needs of children, and those with special health care needs.  We provide you child a Dental Home. 

We are aware of the anxiety that can accompany dental treatment. We strive to alleviate that anxiety with our understanding, patience and education.  We provide a warm supportive environment.  If your child is very young, or unable to tolerate dental care with ease, we are experienced in providing sedation to facilitate treatment.   We have a fully equipped general anaesthesia suite in our office for patients who require sleep dentistry.  We work in conjunction with a pediatric dental anaesthetist .

No referral is necessary. 

We are able to assist patients in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Please check out: http://globalnews.ca/news/624775/watch-dentists-moonlighting-as-orthodontists-can-make-for-costly-smile/

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