Orthodontic Dentistry

Dr. Weinberger has been dually trained in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics and will help guide your child’s dentition from infancy to adulthodd.

Young children sometimes need help to stop their thumb or finger sucking habits at an early age to avoid extensive orthodontic treatment at an older age. Ask us about Habit Breaking appliances at your next visit if this is a concern you have for your child.

As children’s adult teeth begin to erupt they are not always in perfect alignment. For some cases Dr. Weinberger will consider removing baby teeth when they are not loose in order to “guide” the permanent teeth into a better position therefore facilitating comprehensive treatment later on.
This is called Guidance of Eruption.

When children become young adults they become very aware of their personal appearance and often ask about braces. Orthodontic treatment although sometimes cosmetic is often required to establish a “good bite” to prevent problems later in life. Some children require head gear, removable or fixed appliances and extraction of teeth. Please feel free to discuss this with Dr. Weinberger at your next appointment.