Custom Sports Guards Teeth are tough, but sometimes not tough enough to survive intense contact. Sports guards are an easy way to protect your teeth from impact, grinding, or even from accidental injury.

Guards may help prevent teeth from getting broken, chipped, or knocked out. Don’t let your game time get cut short by an emergency trip to the dentist. Invest in a well-fitted sports guard today. Who needs Sports Guards? Anyone, children or adults. A protective guard is recommended when participating in any type of contact sport, including hockey, basketball, football, baseball, soccer, rugby or lacrosse. A good rule of thumb, if you wear protective headgear for any sport or activity, you should also wear a sport guard. Protect your head, protect your mouth.

Facts About Sports Guards:

1. Mouth guards protect your teeth
2. Mouth guards are worn on the top teeth
3. Mouth guards should be replaced every
6 months
4. There are mouth guards for braces
5. Mouth guards should be cleaned daily

What’s the process?

An impression is taken of the upper jaw to create a mold. We will use the mold to fabricate your sports guard out of durable plastic material. It will take 1 week to make.

Colors available:


  • single color $75
  • multi color $85

Be a Legend Because of the Game Not Your Missing Teeth

Request an Appointment with Us

Ari Pediatric Dentistry is holding a sports guard clinic for all ages. Accepting all new patients! To request an appointment, please call 519-679-9860 Hyde Park location.

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